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Kelly Luteran

Congratulations Sonshiner Kelly Luteran for winning 1st Place in the 2018 “Natural Steel City” Body Transformation Challenge!

Kelly lost a total of 27 lbs and 25.2% body fat in 12 weeks!

Dana Humbert Placed 1st - 2018 "Best of the Burgh" PRO/AM

Dana Humbert Placed 1st - 2018 "Best of the Burgh" PRO/AM

I’m so excited to announce in ONLY 6 ½ MONTHS I have LOST 100 pounds!!! “Are you hearing me?!” echoes in my head of my amazing trainer, Stasi with Sonshine Fitness. HOW you ask? – Eating healthy, cardio, and weight training. With Stasi’s over 30 years of experience she has calculated the perfect combination that will benefit my needs specifically to help lose body fat, gain strength, muscle, and tone. She knows when to change things up to keep the momentum going so if you do plateau she will pull out another trick from her hat.

I have lost a big amount weight before but did it with fake unhealthy food. It really messed me up physically, mentally, and emotionally. I gained all the weight back and then some to get the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I noticed I dodged people I knew because I was embarrassed how I looked. Then I would feel bad about myself for doing that. It was time to take back my life again. I was tired of being this way and needed to gain Dana back. Stasi gave me a specific criterion and I ran with it. I live by the numbers and do not go over. For myself it was easier to plan a Mon-Sun meal plan and do that every week. Each day is different so I am not bored. I also was given cardio to do 5-6 days a week and started out weight training 2 days a week. Did I struggle? Yes, of course and still do, but it is nothing that has held me back. Stasi’s guidance, encouragement, and knowledge has not led me a stray. I am in it to win it now! It is crazy how I don’t get the cravings I used to. I do not even feel deprived. It’s a new healthier way of life for me.

I am excited to continue on this incredible journey to be the best I can be. There is no doubt in my mind that I know I have the most amazing coach that will get me there and then teach me how to maintain to keep it off. If you need some motivation and are looking to become a healthier you, Stasi Longo is the person who can change your life. Come join this journey with me. 

P.S. Stasi is hosting a 12 week Body Transformation Challenge that starts in January. It is a great opportunity to help jump start your New Year’s Resolution. I am going to enter this one! Stay tuned for more information.
— Dana Humbert

My first appointment with Stasi Longo was in 2008. My fellow figure friends told me I should be a figure competitor
(I actually wanted to be a fitness girl, but at 36 with a limited gymnastics background I didn’t pursue it).

The first appointment I remember being intimated by Stasi’s trophies, her competition picture, and the many pictures of her champions throughout the studio. (I can’t remember where/why but I did feel that way at one time). Stasi had trained so many and everyone looked so great! What had I gotten myself into? I couldn’t do this! Oh boy. Stasi asked what my goals were – I told her I wanted to compete. She shook her head and said, “In what?” “All my friends said I should do figure”, I replied. To which she replied, “Ok, put on these heals.” We both chucked after that and Stasi said, “Take off those heals – you’re a bodybuilder.” Those words have been in my head ever since. Stasi’s strong faith, confidence, and many, many, MANY words of encouragement got me through my first 16 weeks of training. I made it. I did it; I was actually going to compete! I was a bodybuilder! All competitors remember their first time; the nervousness, the butterflies, and all the racing thoughts.

“These ladies look great! What did I get myself into?” I wanted to cry. Then, I remembered Stasi’s words, “You are a bodybuilder.” I repeated in my head over and over and over.
First show, first place; overall winner, pro-card.
I listened to Stasi: everything she said I did. I did not deviate from my meal plans; I followed them exactly. Listen to your trainer.
— Dawn M. Cunningham (LaGamba), IFPA Pro

I’ve always trained on my own but when I was asked to do my first bikini competition I hadn’t a clue where to start. I asked around and everyone told me if I wanted to do well I had to work with Stasi. Let me tell you everyone was right!
While other competitors were freaking out about show day I felt over prepared for never having stepped on stage before. Competitors were asking me what to expect and what they should do when they were on stage! Not only did Stasi prepare me mentally for competition day, but she was the brains behind my winning physique! She truly is amazing at her job. In just 12 short weeks she sculpted my body by learning how it responds to food intake and workouts. She didn’t set any crazy restrictions. Instead she kept it real with me and set realistic goals. Most importantly we did everything natural and healthy the entire prep!
There was not one part of the competition that Stasi was not a part of. She taught me how to pose, helped choose my bikini, choose my jewelry, and choose my stage walk song. The number one thing I loved about having Stasi as my coach was that she gave constructive criticism until everything was perfect. We didn’t stop working on something until it was the best I could do. Stasi understands the dangers of competitions, how mentally challenging they can be. Therefore, she was constantly checking up on me making sure I stayed positive and healthy- even after competition! I could not have had a better coach for my first bikini competition. If you want to be a winner you want a coach who is beyond knowledgeable, who cares, and will keep it real with you.
You want Stasi Longo!
— Jacqueline

— Susan
I have been working out with Stasi for a year now. I am amazed at how much stronger I have gotten and how much better I feel. Strength training gives me the confidence to tackle any task that comes my way. I had trained with another trainer for several years but in this past year with Stasi I have progressed much farther than I ever have. I am an avid cyclist and Stasi has strengthened my legs and cardio so that climbing the city street hills are not “nearly impossible” any longer. I also find myself riding faster for longer distances. 
Stasi is always encouraging and a wonderful support. Even on my worst days she pushes me to limits I didn’t think possible a year ago. I am so glad I switched gyms and highly recommend Sonshine Fitness Gym for strength and cardio training.
— Carol

My name is Melanie Denny. In April 2013 I competed in my first figure competition at the NANABF Natural Pittsburgh, and I placed 4th and 5th at that competition. I knew that I wanted to get back on stage and hopefully place better than my first show; however, I needed the right person to direct me. That’s when I contacted Stasi Longo. Stasi was instrumental to me during my contest preparation. I met with Stasi every few weeks at which time she assessed and evaluated my posing technique. During our meetings, she also monitored my weight, fat loss, and muscle gains. Stasi developed different training routines for me to work on that included specific attention on developing my symmetry. Rather than isolation exercises, I started doing a lot of power lifting and compound movements. These compound exercises took my physique to a completely different level. Not only did Stasi build my physique, she also helped me build confidence in myself. When the day arrived for my second NANABF Natural Pittsburgh competition, I was able to step out on that stage looking the best I would ever look like in my life. This time around, I placed first in the Open Tall, first in Novice, and also first in the Overall Pose Down earning me my IFPA Pro-Card.

Although my competition days are behind me, I still incorporate the training routines that I learned from Stasi during my workouts. I highly recommend Stasi to anyone who is interested in doing a bodybuilding competition as well as anyone who is just looking to build muscle and improve physique.
— Melanie Denny

My thirteenth birthday present was a gym membership.  Since that day, I’ve been addicted to the gym.  It kept me out of trouble in my youth and gave me something positive to put my negative energy into as an adolescent.  I grew up watching my mom deteriorate from Multiple Sclerosis.  She was diagnosed when she was 39, I was 10.  Since my early years in the gym, I’ve carried a dream of becoming a body builder.  At the age of 35 and with the dreaded age of 39 on the horizon, I decided to make a serious attempt at becoming a body builder.  Two of my coworkers recommended Stasi to me.  From the first visit, I got a good vibe, a comfortable feeling that this was a good fit.  I told her, “I want to know what it’s like to be a body builder.”  In the end, like it or not, that’s exactly what I got.

Stasi seemed unsure of my capability to compete at first.  She critically assessed my physique and noted areas that needed improvement.  Stasi designed a diet and workout program specific to my needs.  She recommended necessary supplements.  Every month she would change the workout so that I wouldn’t become bored and would take my measurements to ensure the diet was working.  As I hit plateaus, she tweaked the diet and workout programs to ensure my goals continued to be met. 

After four months, I convinced her that I had the dedication to compete.  She knew that I would do everything I was told to meet my goal.  She continued to change my diet and workout to prepare me for the stage.  As I struggled with the diet, she helped me trudge on, but not by guilting me.  I was doing enough of that on my own.  No, she would never mention my falls, she would just pick me up with a story from her competition days and help me move forward and feel positive again. 

When I first met Stasi, I thought I knew what it would take to compete.  I had no idea!  She is a wealth of knowledge.  She didn’t just train me on diet and exercise, but also the posing (a huge part of being on stage), the routine, and all the residuals I never thought of like, buying trunks (colors and styles that look best on stage), tanning, shaving, and back stage etiquette.  She introduced me to other competitors to give me a network of people to talk to. 

In the end and at the age of 36, I placed second in the men’s bodybuilding novice class and third in the men’s open.  Standing on stage in front of friends and family was one of my proudest personal moments.  Remembering my four-year-old son cheering, “go daddy go,” still tears me up.  I would have never accomplished my dream if it wasn’t for Stasi and I couldn’t be more appreciative of her. 
— Jason Sottile

Ran 5 miles this morning! Hard to believe I struggled to run 5 minutes just 3 months ago!

Love my trainer!
— Teresa

Farah Robbins

Congrats to Sonshiner Farah Robbins who competed in her first powerlifting meet and made the Erie Times while pulling her “1st Attempt’ lift! Way to go Farah!!!


Body Transformation Challenges!

Lizzy Dervin.jpg

Lizzy Dervin’s

12 Week Body Transformation

2nd Place 2017 “Best of the Burgh”

Within the last 12 weeks, I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever worked in my life. From food shopping, meal prepping, lifting and doing tons of cardio, my lifestyle has changed. Much of my time is devoted to achieving health, fitness and body goals. The results shown here are a dream come true for me. Everyday that I do something healthy for my body, it is a victory against every person who ever said I wasn’t worthy, wasn’t capable or that I would never be able to achieve greatness. When transforming your body, you are telling those around you and yourself that the impossible is possible through hard work, dedication, sweat and perseverance. Standing before you 100 pounds less from where I started last March, 30 pounds less from where I was 12 weeks ago is proof that anyone can rise from the ashes.
I would like to thank my trainer Stasi Longo for educating me to succeed and most importantly, believing in me when I had given up hope. All too often, you see an unfit obese person before you see the potential that person could have to become great. Stasi saw me at 260 pounds for the potential I could have and has helped me to transform my figure since August. She has helped me overcome many of my obstacles making me a better version of myself. Stasi has given me the gift of transformation and I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance and expertise throughout this journey.

2017 STEEL City Natural Presentation Body Transformation Lizzie.jpg

Lizzie Dervin's Second 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge

Throughout the course of my life, I have endured criticism, bullying and was made to feel like I was less than because I didn't fit the cookie-cutter image of what a woman should look like. Now that I found my fire I realize that I was uniquely special with a fire brewing inside of me waiting to break out. I never stopped. I never let anybody's words affect me. I believed in myself more than anyone could have believed me. I'm here to tell you that each and everyone of you have that fire inside of you but it is up to you to find it and conquer your goals.

I stand here today with amazingly successful people who have inspiring stories to tell. These people motivated me to keep going even when I thought that I would not pull this transformation off. I want to thank them for helping me to push through. I also want to thank my trainer who has watched me lose 125 lb in the last year. She has taught me everything I know and has helped me attain a physique that at 310 lbs, would have seemed impossible to achieve.

This transformation has taught me that even when you lose your fire, you are the only one who can rise up and let the flames of your glory conquer your goals.

Michelle Moneck.jpg

Michelle Moneck’s

12 Week Body Transformation

1st Place 2017 “Best of the Burgh”

August 2013, I was 145 lbs. and in shape. After that Summer, I was traveling for work and spending time with people that were not positive influences. I was drinking and eating to cope with stress and depression and found myself the victim of toxic relationships. I started to gain weight and people told me I would never be in shape again. I was in such a weak mindset, I started to believe it. December 2015, I was 188 lbs. My trainer Shelby was very concerned about my well-being. Shelby got me out of a dark place and got me on track with my food and exercise. I was no longer starting my diet every Monday.
December 2016, I was 162 lbs. Shelby referred me to Stasi Longo. Shelby was trained by Stasi and said, “Do every single thing Stasi tells you to do.” During my first workout with Stasi, I was in shock. While on the leg press, Stasi held this picture of my behind to motive me and it worked. My mind was back in the game and my body was responding. I ignored people that told me I would never make it 12 weeks. Well, I made it 12 weeks, no cheat meal or alcohol and lost 19% body fat. This transformation brought me back to a place I never thought I would be again with my body and mind. I stand here today at 145 lbs. and in the best shape of my life.

Greg Stanko.jpg

Greg Stanko

Congratulations to Greg Stanko! Greg's recent Body Transformation has enabled him to finally fit in the pants he's wearing that he bought 27 years ago! It just goes to prove that it's NEVER too late to start your health & Fitness Journey!

Greg Stanko 2018 Presentation Body Transformation with Ed Greg.jpg
2017 STEEL City Natural Presentation Body Transformation Tayler.jpg

Tayler Hutton's 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

3rd Place -2017 Natural Steel City Championships

Strength: "the capacity to withstand great force or pressure." Before this experience, I wouldn't have used the word strength to describe myself. After years of battling PTSD from a traumatic sexual assault, and then years later experiencing postpartum depression after the birth of my two sons - I felt trapped in a body that I didn’t recognize, and helpless under the weight of my anger, anxiety and sadness. So, I self-medicated - with waffle fries. I realized I needed a change after spending too many days crying in the Chick-fil-a parking lot.

I was skeptical at first & never would have believed that I would eventually deadlift 225lbs. But As time progressed, I realized that my body wasn't really the thing that was transforming: it was me. With every bench press, squat, and mile that I ran, the trauma healed. After years of literally feeding my sadness and not treating my body with respect, I was able to finally channel my pain into something positive.

What these pictures don't show are the 5am workouts after years of struggling to get out of bed. They don't show the decreased anxiety because I now had tools to manage stress the healthy way. After years of being ashamed of my body I am so proud of what I accomplished. Not because I'm thinner, but because now I'm strong.   

Rebecca Galbreith 2017 STEEL City Natural Presentation Body Transformation Rebecca.jpg

Rebecca Galbreith - Body Transformation

4th Place - 2017 Natural Steel City Championships

Standing here today is overcoming a fear. Not because I am standing on stage and speaking in front of a
group people, but because I am completely exposing myself, body and soul. Six months ago I would
have never worn shorts in public, let alone shown pictures of myself in a bikini. I was embarrassed and
ashamed, but did nothing about it. I covered my body and made excuses for myself. I was “healthy” so
it didn’t matter that my body was made up of more fat than muscle.

Deep down I knew being healthy would eventually change. If I didn’t quit making excuses and improve
my health, I didn’t know where I would be in five years. I decide to participate in this challenge to give
myself a goal and push myself.

Completing this transformation has not only changed my physical appearance, but more importantly
changed my attitude. I am still a work in progress and my transformation is still ongoing, but I feel as if I
have accomplished the hardest part – changing my way of thinking. It is only your mind that tells you
are not strong enough or good enough. I now understand once you conquer your mind, the rest will

I am not saying any part of this is easy. There will be good days and bad days, but it is what you do after
that matters. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and excited for what my future holds.